SSD Data Recovery

SSD Data Recovery From VANTEX
Solid State Drives, or Solid State Disks (SSDs), are continuing the evolution of data storage. They can be found in an increasingly wide variety of commercial and personal applications, from mobile devices to desktop and server systems. Today’s SSDs use mostly non-volatile NAND flash memory for data storage, as opposed to hard drives which use magnetic read/write heads and spinning discs. Being non-mechanical devices (there are no moving parts), SSDs have several benefits over hard drives, among them being less susceptibility to physical shock damage (drops). Additional benefits are cooler and quieter operation, as well as faster boot-up with lower access times. Even with these advantages, there are still many things that can cause an SSD to become inaccessible. When data loss occurs, SSD Data Recovery from VANTEX can minimize both downtime and inconvenience.

What Can Go Wrong
The memory cells in SSDs degrade over time with repeated writes. In a hard drive, data can be erased and written to the same physical location repeatedly, with little loss of performance. An SSD will write that data to a different location in memory, using “wear-leveling” algorithms in an attempt slow down the performance degradation. SSDs are very susceptible to power-related issues, which can result in firmware damage, corrupted data writes or even complete drive failure. These are several of the failure types that can occur, which is why an accurate evaluation of the media in its’ initial “as-failed” condition is so important.

When Good Drives Go Bad
VANTEX has the tools and procedures in place to quickly and safely recover lost and inaccessible data from all types of SSD storage (PATA, SATA, mSATA, and M.2 interfaces). Our dedicated team of recovery specialists will work to repair, replace or correct problems with the firmware, SSD ROM and RAM, and more. If data loss is caused by other issues, we have decades of logical recovery experience with file deletions, corruption, viruses and other problems in Windows, Linux, Mac, and other operating environments.

Have Questions?
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