Hard Drive Recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery From VANTEX
Hard drives are a fast, inexpensive means of storing data. They are the primary means of data storage in a wide variety of commercial and personal applications. Although solid state devices (SSD) are gaining in popularity for both mobile and desktop environments, hard drives will remain with us for the foreseeable future due to their massive storage capability and lower cost. VANTEX provides expert hard drive recovery for data loss due to any number of failures.

What Can Go Wrong
Hard drives are mechanical devices that have many parts, including spinning discs and read/write heads that are constantly re-positioning to access or write data.
Failures can result if one or more heads in a drive stop working – the drive may not come “ready”, or may begin to make a “clicking” sound. When a hard drive is dropped (most common with laptops), there can be damage to the disc media itself. Sometimes, ROM components can become corrupted or entirely inaccessible. Many other failures can occur, which is why an accurate evaluation of the media in its’ initial “as-failed” condition is so important.

When Good Drives Go Bad
Recovering lost data from damaged or otherwise inaccessible hard drives is our specialty. We have the tools and procedures in place to quickly and safely recover your data, regardless of the cause. We have decades of hard drive recovery experience with file deletions, corruption, viruses and other logical problems within Windows, Linux, Mac, and other operating environments. If data loss is caused by physical or mechanical problems, our dedicated team of recovery specialists can also work to repair, replace or correct problems with heads, firmware, PCB ROM components, and other related issues with the drive.

Have Questions?
Give us a call to discuss your data loss, or fill out our short Information Request Form. We will outline the possible options and the costs involved with your hard drive recovery – all at no charge, and with absolutely no obligation.