Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services From VANTEX
VANTEX Data Recovery LLC specializes in professional data recovery and file restoration services for all types of data storage devices. We provide fast and cost-effective data recovery services for all internal and external data storage devices (hard drives and SSD), as well as for multiple-drive volumes, such as server RAID drive arrays, NAS / SAN volumes, etc.

Data recovery projects begin with a free, no obligation phone consultation with one of our technical specialists to discuss the data loss situation. Next, an in-house evaluation of the damaged media results in a firm, written cost quote, which allows for an informed decision to be made. Upon receiving the authorization to proceed, recovery processing is completed quickly, with all recovered data being returned on the media and in the format requested.  Learn more about our process.

The security and integrity of your data is of the utmost importance to us. We consider all data to be confidential, and maintain strict protocols and protection to help eliminate any external access to client data. In addition, all recovered data is thoroughly scanned to remove any viral and malware code that existed, to ensure recovered data is “clean” when it is returned.

In addition to hard drives and SSD, we also provide recovery support for many other types of data storage media, such as removable disk cartridges, diskettes, tape, CD, DVD, magneto-optical cartridges, USB flash and digital media data storage. Our combined technical staff draws on well over two decades of comprehensive data retrieval and restoration experience to deliver expert and reliable data recovery, disaster recovery and file recovery services.

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