Hard Drive & SSD Recovery


Most desktop PCs, Macs, and laptops contain one primary storage device, either a hard drive or solid state drive. If it fails or becomes inaccessible, everything comes to a halt. And in the absence of a recent backup, all data could be lost. Our professional hard drive data recovery services, as well as our SSD recovery services, can limit down time and restore lost data quickly.

Hard Drive Recovery
Hard drives are mechanical storage devices that have many moving parts, and as such are susceptible to many kinds of damage. Our hard drive recovery services start with an evaluation of the damaged media. We assess the overall condition of the drive, determine the whether or not the data will be recoverable, and then consult with you regarding our findings. We work quickly to recover the data and return it to you fast.  More on HD Recovery…

SSD Recovery
Solid State Drives (SSDs) have different operational characteristics from hard drives, and therefore experience different kinds of failures. For example, hard drives can write to the same physical location on a disk with no noticeable problem, whereas SSD memory cells degrade with each subsequent write to the same cell. Algorithms used in SSDs to manage write locations and minimize this wear can sometimes become corrupted. A sudden loss of power can also create problems.  More on SSD Data Recovery…

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