RAID Data Recovery For Multi-Drive Arrays

VANTEX provides professional RAID data recovery for all physical and virtual volumes stored on multiple-drive storage devices for Windows Server, Linux, VMWare, and other operating environments. Decades of experience with RAID failures within servers, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SAN), combined with our tools and procedures, has allowed our specialists to succeed in recovering data from many types of logical, physical and/or mechanical failures.

An evaluation of the drive media is performed. A report is then prepared for the client detailing the recovery options, as well as the costs associated with the recovery. This report contains as much information as possible to assist in selecting the best course of action to complete the recovery process. Recovered data is written to whatever data storage media the client requests.

RAID Data Recovery
RAID is an acronym for a “Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives” (or alternately a “Redundant Array of Independent  Drives”). A RAID volume (also referred to as an array) is a collection of drives that are grouped together and accessed based on a pre-set configuration to provide data mirroring, striping or redundancy, or some combination thereof. In the recent past, RAID storage systems used to be found only in high-end server environments using expensive SCSI hard drives. But today, manufacturers are building RAID capabilities into the motherboards of many desktop machines using less expensive, high-capacity SATA and SAS drives. RAID storage can be found in many servers, desktops and external storage devices, as well as NAS and SAN systems. More on RAID Data Recovery…

NAS Data Recovery
Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems allows users to share files and access large amounts of data via a network. The need for recovery generally occurs when one or more drives fail, depending on the level of the RAID configuration being used. VANTEX provides comprehensive raid data recovery support for all makes and models of NAS devices, including newer models using SSD drives.

SAN Data Recovery
Storage Area Networks (SAN) systems can be more complex than NAS systems, depending on the configuration. A SAN is literally a network onto itself, allowing multiple servers to access shared data as though it were a drive in the server. VANTEX recovers data from damaged SAN devices with physical or virtual volumes for many different operating environments.

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